Furniture + that white glossy plastic material?

I am seeing lot of white furniture made out of glossy white plasticy material. Can someone enlighten me more on this material? Is it plastic with some kind of lacquer applied to it?

Like this one-

There are a couple ways to do it, but that one you posted is probably lacquer over MDF.

sanded fiberglass is best for one off prototypes… And a nice professional autobody paint in the glossy white works fine.

If the piece looks like it could of been made from timber, its more than likely MDF and then its either been powdercoated (which i never knew was possible) or more than likely sprayed with a polyurethane coating. If you were making a one-off organic shape as per design-engine’s image. sculpting the shape from foam, coating it in fibregalss and giving it a good automotive finish is the way to go.

I was going to say melamine, but the continuity of the edges would be difficult to do. Im going to say it was a ‘foil finish’, something very inexpensive to do. Any idea what the substrate material is? that would help narrow it down.

thanks for the pointers

Yep that looks like MDF painted white then finished off in automotive two pack. Done quite frequently in high-end cabinetry but expensive to do well and mother nature pays a price too…

The photo is of the “City Collection- City White Lacquer Nightstand”, so it appears to be an applied finish, as previously suggested.
If you are looking for lower cost, or higher volume options, try sheet stock White Gloss Laminate, or Thermofoil over MDF.

You could always do the whiteboard laminate, from anyone like formica or wilsonart.