furniture society national conference

Hey I was wondering if anyone has gone to one of their conferences? I am interested to go because of the tours and speakers.

Is anyone a member of the furniture society?

I’m not a member of the Furniture Society, but after reading through their 2009 conference pages, I might reconsider it. In the past I kept my distance due to their over-emphasis on studio/art furniture and their attitude towards everything else. They now seem to be trying to reach out to the furniture industry at large, at least for the conference anyway, but their mission statement still emphasizes studio furniture (which is fine, its just not my cup of tea). I don’t like the ASFD, either, but that’s another thread…

I grew up in Boone, went to Appalachian, and lived in Lenoir for three years, so many of the participants at the conference are familiar names. I took classes taught by both of the professors at App, but those classes were not in any way furniture related (which seems odd that they would be tied in with the furniture society now). I have mixed opinions of the ‘designers’ and industry leaders from the area, but they will probably give interesting presentations. The “Hickory Tour” will probably hit two of the best remaining furniture facilities in the area (I’m a bit surprised that Mitchel Gold isn’t included since it’s also close by). Bernhardt design is definitely the highlight of the tour, but Hickory Chair isn’t bad either (its just very light on industrial design). The furniture industry is a tiny shadow of what it once was in Hickory and Lenoir.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like any tips or information on Boone, Lenoir, or Hickory.

I was particularly drawn to the tours and the Mitchell gold keynote so I may take the plunge and go… It’s fairly cheap as conferences go and I can write it off. I’ll contact you about the area. I’ve never been down there.

if i was still in charlotte, i would go. i have worked with hickory chair in the past. great craftsmanship, feh design.