Furniture Prototyping or Custom builds


Looking for some information on getting a few pieces of furniture built.

While I love to design furniture I can’t really build it well enough. I’ve tried a couple of times, but I’d rather have a prototype professionally made by someone who has a better handle on the craftsmanship required.

So, where can I find people or firms to make prototypes? I can supply CAD drawings, etc. Interior designers do this for custom interior furnishings, right?

What kinds of expenses might involved ( I know, this depends on the project ,etc. and I expect to source and purchase materials, but any other fees transport, etc, I dunno) but where can I look for people to build the furniture? I am looking for someone to do an upholstered bed and a upholstered ottoman in leather…

Sounds obvious, but “custom furniture” in the yellow pages is a good place to start. Any city will have a bunch of wood shops that make custom furniture. Also call some upholsterers. You might be best off having the frame made by a woodworking shop, then getting it upholstered elsewhere. These guys typically work from either very poor drawings or no drawings at all, so they will be happy to see some nice CAD drawings.

Didn’t even think of that… for some reason, I didn’t think that would be listed.

In any case, I will take a peek around online (yellow pages/google, etc.). Also, if anyone can recommend anyone or any shops in the NYC tri-state area that would also be lovely. Word of mouth recommendations are usually the best.

Much thanks!

If you’re near NYC there should be a ton of small furniture manufacturers to choose from. There are a huge number of them in Brooklyn, DUMBO, and Williamsburgh.

Try for a starting point

Cost will depend on what you want built and what processes will be involved. You can have the frame made from plywood, cut on a CNC router, for much less than the same thing built with a hardwood frame will cost. If the upholstery is pretty basic, just about anyone can do it. A leather specialist will cost you more, and if you have something really unusual or difficult, the cost will probably grow exponentially. Labor will be the largest cost item. You might be able to work out a deal with the builder to supply your time/labor to offset costs. I have no idea what custom builders are charging in NYC…