Furniture Materials

Hello all,

As a newb to furniture manufacturing, I’m curious to know about all the material options out there for wood products. As far as I know, there seems to be a hierarchy (in terms of quality and price) of solid wood, plywood, (prelaminated particle board) laminate then veneered mdf.

There’s also a new ‘finish’ out there I’ve seen in products where the whole surface seems to be shrink-wrapped ie. the thin edges of veneer are no longer visible.

I guess what I’m getting to is I’d like to know what options are out there these days and what the industry is using.



you mean thermofoils? that’s bottom rung for cost.

there is also powdercoating of wood/mdf. (and paint)

i think the finishing materials are important, but don’t dictate the price point. i have seen well-designed and manufactured mdf pieces and craptacular solid wood pieces.

new materials are used all the time. foams, corn and wheat husk press board, etc.