Furniture manufacturers in North America needed

Have a few designs i want to get into the real world.

getting a lot of requests (large orders) for my designs but i don’t have the contacts to get things rolling

Any contacts or information would be appreciated


Help people out, which design are you thinking of specifically, is it the one image you’ve posted or some of your other designs as well? Materials and processes will dictate what manufacturers are appropriate. I’m sure you could find a place in
West Michigan for whatever you want to do, it is just a matter of what that is. From the renderings I don’t know if these are modeled as DFM, pure concept, or what the intended materials etc are…

“Which design are you thinking of specifically”
Any and all, im getting requests for all on my website.

“Materials and processes will dictate what manufacturers are appropriate”
The materials range from steam bent bamboo ply to carbon fiber - some of the larger tables would be done out of plate metal cut from a templates welded in sections, grinded back and finished.

" modeled as DFM"
Definitely not - made to order by hand and custom jobs. quality over quantity. some of the offers im getting will allow for this 4-7k - i haven’t even set a price yet.

update: getting flown to chicago next week to meet a company that is interested in some of my designs - though i still would like info from people.

thanks for the reply.

Not sure how much bamboo they do, but Davidson Plyforms is a leading bent plywood company, they do most(if not all) the Bent Plywood Eames Furniture.