Furniture friendly blogs...add yours to the list!

Alright the furniture board has been quite dismal as of late, so lets get it going. I’m getting rather tired of my small round of blogs and need some new ones to add to the list. Who’s up for sharing?

My regular rotation: (architecture)

MoCo Loco is a great one, but besides all of yours, my only other suggestions are NOTCOT and, especially if you like bathroom fixtures, Trendir.

These are some pretty decent blogs - a few of them have made their way to our own blog roll already (Personally, I am a big fan of apartment therapy).

My own two contributions:

The ACF China Co: A specialist blog about China furniture and decor manufacturing discussing topics from China furniture business to suppliers to importing home furnishings.

An insiders look at the world of oriental decor, Chinese antique furniture, Asian culture and oriental-inspired interior design.

Just had a look at Blue Ant Studio ( - very clean design, great photos… Nice! :slight_smile:

Don’t forget: