Furniture Design

Im a senior in high school looking to pursue a career in furniture design, what kind of job can i get with a degree in furniture design?

Seems like there are two general directions for Furniture Designers:

  1. One-off, custom, expensive pieces. Going this way, you might apprentice with an established furniture maker for awhile out of school before establishing your own business. I know a couple of people that went this direction.

  2. Working for a corporation designing mass produced furniture. The options range from RTA (ready to assemble, think IKEA), to contract (furniture meant for public spaces like airports, offices, etc, think Knoll), to residential (think Ethan Allen, B&B Italia etc.)

yeah there’s two modes unemployed and looking for work

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You could try asking in the furniture forum as well…the people checking there might know something :slight_smile:

IMO, there are 4 main ways designers in general can practise…

  • as part of a consultancy (not really that relevant to furniture, unless you refer to yo’s contract ideas for public spaces)
  • for a corporation (again, as yo said)
  • freelance (might have trouble finding work this way, but it’s possible)
  • entrepreneurial (design, market and manufacture the funiture yourself)

I think that the corporate route might be the easiest, if you can find a company that’s hiring.