Furniture Design short courses over summer - best ones?

Hello, i am new to this site, but by the look of it there really is a wealth of knowledge ot be utilised. I have an amount of money dedicated to personal development to spend how i see fit. Fantastic news you may add, well indeed, but the question is how to spend it??

2 week workshops or training weeks etc would be ideal, the world is literally my oyster. Any suggestions. Unfortunatly i am not availble to attend the DOMUS course as that is the obvious choice.

I am an Industrial design graduate and i have just begun my career. i am looking for something epic to put on my cv thats really beneficial, i do not want to waste the money on one day training etc. Any thoughts massivley appreciated. thanks


Aside from building your cv, what skills specifically would you like to learn?

Specifically Industrial and Furniture Design. I would like some more training on idea generation (not just bloody brainstorming) and how to look at markets and develop products for niche markets and identify niche markets. I have ncver done any marketing really.

Thanks GREG