furniture design programs

Hi, Im from Mexico and Im a industrial designer just graduated,I love furniture and I have done some myself, but what I want to do know is create a portfolio, but im looking for an easy program to work on for my designs and also for the rendering so it can be photorealistic, could anyone tell me which programs would be the best? i like minimal and contemporary furniture and also like to play with organic shapes so… pls…

in the other hand Im looking forward to get into the furniture market somehow but i just dont know where to start at… im confused, could anyone help me here?

by the way anyone who is in the furniture stuff… can you provide any web pages of cool furniture u know or magazines i can suscribe to? thank u

one thing I can tell you is that if your really want to make furniture, make furniture.

Most of the successful contemporary and conceptual designers I know don’t illustrate or simulate- they build models, mock-ups and finally the design.

Thats sad then.

Every contract furniture company in the US uses some kind of software tool for design work.

Its the way we do things in the 21st century… :unamused:

whats wrong… i mean i do know programs (autocad, inventor, more less inventor pro/e rhino cinema 4d) im just looking for any other program that might help me, and by the way im not going to just do furniture because to begin with i do not have money to make the real furniture thats why im trying to make them digitalized, u know. anyway im doing this because i need a portfolio so i can get an scholarship, thank u.

Autocad is good for laying out construction documents
Form z is best for manipulating form/ shape and rendering.
You can also import these from form Z into photoshop for great rendering techniques

I would buy Rhino over FormZ - much more of an industry standard when it comes to furniture design.

well, im trying to set line of programs i could work on… I know autocad is good for the final layouts, I was thinking to use rhino because autocad kind of doesnt let u make irregular shapes that much (at least i never could at school) and rhino does by the nurbs, but how accurate is rhino on its dimensions limits, I mean, because it lets you manipulate shape by nurbs, but is there a form that this program can tell or any other program if you exported it that the shape you realized can be done? just a quiestion.
and for renderind i was planning to use cinema 4d because as far as Im concerned it does pretty good rendering and its easy to use, this is the line up I have so far, I was kind of looking for any other software that might help. I did use formz but I didnt like it, too slow with the whole lightining process… anyway Im just getting to know these softwares, I just thought that i could probably be a software only for the furniture design, thats all. do u guys know anything about furniture design in canada? i wanted to go up there to study and probably work for a while… design here is so death. Thank u for your time

Download the free 30 day trial of Rhino and play with it.

there’s alias and silo3d too, they have a free trial also, I use alias but would go for rhino in your shoes

The second poster is right- if thats what you want to do, do it. You can learn a lot from actually building furniture, I understand the money issue, but no teacher like experience. Even a 1/4 scale cardboard or styrofoam mockup can help. Nothing sad about that unless you’re not doing it at some point in the process.

Software will not teach you how to make a strong joint, or make a curve that is actually comfortable to a body. It will help you design things that won’t sell, if it’s your only design tool. However, combined with other approaches, like sketching and prototyping in both 2d and 3d, it can help you streamline the other parts of the presentation and documentation process.

Also, try to intern or apprentice with any manufacturer using wood or upholstery. You will learn much from that and possibly get some scraps to work with for nothing. Doing will show you things you may not have thought about otherwise.

there are tons of magazines, but they are expensive, in my opinion, especially as imports to other countries- better to find some companies you like and send for free catalogs

well thank u all.