furniture design programs

Well, im an industrial designer and im looking for any furniture design program, so if anyone knows about any program…

if you’re in chicago, you can check out the Chicago Bauhaus Academy (no relation to the actual Bauhaus):

Or try Kendall College of Art & Design in Michigan:

i think the program at risd is pretty good and it seems very flexible. i think they could use more people with ID backgrounds too as the stuff i see coming out of there often seems too decorative and not designed.

Try searching for “furniture” in the student section. I know this topic has been addressed recently several times.

hello…this may be a bit biased but…theres a little school in brooklyn called pratt…talk as much as you want about disorganization and what not at this school, but combine the amazing 3d department with the furntiture program and the great access to an audience here in new york and its hard to beat.

then again there is risd…go to pratt.

There’s also CCA on the West Coast, and the North Bennett Street School in Boston.