Furniture design opportunities in southern Cali?

What are the best schools for furniture design in Southern California? What about businesses/firms? Do you have to get a masters degree to work in the field? How hard is it to become a commercial designer-or a high end designer? I am obviously clue-less…duh

What kind of furniture do you want to design? Contract? Home Furnishings? Reproduction? RTA? Seating? Institutional?

You need to decide what area you want to focus on and go from there.

im not really sure what all the categories mean, please enlighten me, since im a novice to the industry—lol

I think it would benefit everybody to start writing a FAQ section for the website. I’m really just “a kid” in terms of my experience level, so I wouldn’t feel right doing so myself, but if other more experienced people are interested in adding their input, I’d be willing to submit articles myself. I find that every so often I go back to posting the same thing over again, and maybe it would make things easier for everyone if a FAQ section existed…