Furniture Design & Manufacture Survey (Help! School Proj)

Please help! I’m working on a school project that is focusing on mixing technology and custom furniture design. We’re in need of some insight and feedback from custom furniture designers and manufacturers, so if you could spare 5 minutes to answer a short, 6 question survey I would greatly appreciate it!!

If you are a custom furniture designer, the survey form link is - Furniture Designer Survey

If you are a custom furniture manufacturer, the survey form link is - Furniture Manufacturer Survey

If you are both, please fill out whichever survey you prefer.

I’m happy to share more details about this project if anyone is interested, just leave a comment.


I’m not sure what you’re trying to find out here, but your questions seem a bit vague and generalized.

For example, my company designs and builds furniture, but asking what the average price is, is a bit like asking how long is our average piece of timber scrap. There’s no easy way top work this out, and I’m not sure how useful that info would be.

My company makes items ranging from less than $200 up to nearly $10,000 with everywhere in between. If you’d like some more specific questions answered I’d be happy to help. I’m the principle industrial/furniture designer here and we have 5 guys who work with an autocad type program to do planning and tool programs.