Furniture Design Major vs. Industrial Design, which is best?

Hello, I was recently accepted in to Kendall College of Art and Design. I choose this school, because of my interest in furniture design. However, I am interested in all types of design, I just feel more drawn to furniture specifically. Kendall also offers an Industrial Design major, which is causing me to battle between the two. I am worried by only studying furniture, I am limiting my job opportunities, and if i go the ID way, I am limiting the amount I will know about furniture if I seek to work in that field. Is a furniture design degree, equivalent to an Industrial Design experience… can I still work in other areas of design if there is not much opportunity in furniture design when I graduate. I was considering a minor in ID, but its not something I REALLY want to do… the job market is my main source of confusion right now. I don’t want to set limits for myself, and I want to keep versatility in what I can do, and where I can work. However I am looking foward to a furniture focus.

anyone else dealing with this? Let me know you thoughts please.

I would not worry about the job market. You have a few years before that actually becomes an issue for you. Nobody can predict what the job market will be by then.

also, design is an emotional field. there is no point in focusing in something you don’t really want to do.
No matter what field, if you are good and have a strong network, you will always get a job.

if furniture is your passion, then it’s a no-brainer. Choose it!
If you are passionate, have the right environment around you and talent, the hard work will just feel like second nature to you.

Also, I am always surprised that students only design for their assignments and classes.
If you are in furniture and have a office furniture brief, why not also design some portable wire management or accessories to go with it?
If you are in furniture, it’s not forbidden to design mass market products.

go with your passion but don’t get limited.

yeah i think going with furniture is the best bet… however, i think a degree in industrial design is more broad, especially in the sense of finding work and broadening personal skills. as an IDer i can be a furniture design but i think it is more difficult to gain experience and become an IDer with a furniture degree, and although i plan to study furniture… Im not certain it is what I would like to do for my entire career. I just want to make sure i have options. Thanks for your input.

look up midwestsky (his name is omar) and PM him. he and i had a similar conversation about these two degrees at kendall about a year ago offline.

omar? :open_mouth:


yo dude… good question. you’re in the same situation i was in a while ago.
I’m gonna PM you.

kungfu is a kendall alum and was quite instrumental in helping me make my decision.

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