Furniture Commission Pricing

I’ve got a client interested in haviing me design & build some tables for them. I’ve built quite a bit of furniture, but have always done it for myself or family. I’m not really sure how to quote the project, since this time it will be for actual money.

Any tips on how to charge for designing and building custom furniture pieces?

Thanks in advance!

This is fairly obvious advice, but work out how long it will take you, decide how much that time is worth to you, then add the cost of materials. And add a little cushion in case your guess is low.

I think the quotation should be in this way in general: Quotation= Costs + Profit.

The costs include:

  1. monthly subsistence for yourself and/or your staffs for building the furniture and how long it will take;

  2. cost of materials and supplies;

  3. additional project costs especially various of taxes in your place.

Profit should be decided on your own, and if you don’t mind telling me what kind of furniture you are going to design and build for your customer, I can provide some of my ideas on the usual profit scale for your reference, as I have been asking my designers all over the world to design furniture for me for quite a few years.