Furniture auction sites?

I’ve tried them all (DWR, Luminaire, Moss, etc…) and the best source for modern furniture is HighTower. If you are in the design trade they provide a 40% discount - worth checking them out at


The owner is a former executive at Steelcase - that left and acquired DUNBAR Furniture and then started HighTower. Hightower is focused heavily on the best of Scandinavian design._________________Be Good… Annie

“aspiring design goddess”


thanks for the tip.

dunno if id call those auction sites though, more direct sales.

the prices still seem kinda expensive to me even with a 40% discount…

…althought they do have my favority lounge chair. Done by a student here in Aarhus, Denmark, the Sting Ray chair is super comfy.

warning, PDF link

but seen it here in denmark for less than half the list price with the fur included in the price. maybe its the shipping thats a bitch.