Furniture: any affordable schools in lucrative areas?

I’d like to design furniture. Not necessarily manufactured (though being a designer for someone like ikea wouldn’t be too bad:). I could really go both to both extremes, either working for a national corporation, or having my own independent store of eclectic pieces and “folky” artsy stuff. Currently I am in the midwest, but I’ve also lived in California (too much$), and Florida (no ID programs there) while I was trying to figure out what I wanted. I’m looking for a school that offers industrial design at a reasonable price in an area that has potential for growth. The farther south the better (I’m in Cleveland). I’ve not really found a whole lot of state funded schools that have an industrial design program. My question is 2 fold: Does anyone have any suggestions of a school with a good id program that fits my above criteria, and if not, what type of alternate major would be best for me to go into that would help me be successful at designing furniture? Sculpture perhaps?
Also, I’ve got about 2 years worth of GE classes, art fundamentals, and some random other art classes, but my portfolio is not that strong in 3-D work. Thanks!

I was suprised at how expensive the schools were over in the US in general. Have you considered maybe going abroad? There was an American guy who was on my course over in England. I’m not sure if that was related to costs in the US. I know that foreign students have extra costs in whichever country they go. I think I was told that somewhere in Europe the students get free education even at University level, maybe in Holland.

Sweden is free… For now. Generally very good furniture programs.

there are three top ID schools in Ohio that would be the alternative to RISD, SCAD or Kendal.

the main reason to go to one of the two state university programs would be to get into business classes for entrepreneurship.

NCSU is an option. Plenty of studio or contract furniture in the area.

You could try your question in the Furniture Forum too.

You may want to consider Georgia Tech. The engineering is what’s legendary here, but the ID program is growing all the time. It’s warm, and close enough to take trips to the beaches (Panama City, Savannah, Hilton Head) a couple times a year. Atlanta is a very cool place to be with plenty of huge brands like Coke or GE around, and many smaller firms for graphic, branding, and product design. I’m in my second year studio here, and am always working on projects, including designing and constructing a wooden chair that I’m really proud of. I’ve got some of my things on my coroflot (, and while it’s a constant process of making that portfolio look decent, I think you can get the idea that the program is allowing me to create and design at a challenging level. I’ll be going to IDSA Southeast conference in a couple weeks with Tech’s chapter, so I feel like I’m becoming more and more a part of the community. I’d just say you can consider it a very quality school in the southeast, and any school is going to be exactly what you make it.
If you’re looking into Georgia Tech, it is pretty tough to get in, especially out of state, but well worth the effort.

You’re in ohio and you’re looking at industrial design?
Go with university of cincinnati then, in-state tuition, and a really well respected program for ID. Not much warmer I suppose but it is further south.