Fur in Alias studiotools

How do I go about making this shader? anyone have a readily available one? I only find Maya fur, so im having a hard time…

any help appreciated.

Depending on what kind of surface you are trying to do, I have only done this with like a sheepskin throw on the floor of an interior. This might help you some anyway.

This is going to require some photoshop too.

Well you need either an image created with a photoshop plug-in or a good scan of the fur you are trying to recreate. Then you are going to have to try a combination of a bump map and a displacement map (big increase in rendering time) This will start to give you some depth between your lights and darks in the original image. Depending on what you are trying to do, you are probably wanting transparent areas around the fur ends that are displaced off the surface. For this I would recreate your fur texture in Black and White and then map it in the transparency setting with white being trans and black being your surface. This is all going to require a lot of trial and error and isn’t easy, believe me I know. I wish I could advise you more but this is what got me the closest to what I was going for.

So much has to do with what type of fur you are trying to create, and what the surface you are trying to put it on is doing. You will probably have some post process in photoshop not matter what. If your surface isn’t to complicated it might be easier to just apply a texture in photoshop on the surface and apply it to each rendering. It would probably save you a good bit of time.

Good Luck.