Funny Websites to pass the time

I have a few sites I like to check out when I need a laugh or to kill some time. If you have some good one’s lets get them out in the open. - #134 The TED conference, #133 Moleskine Notebooks - failing at facebook, and life in general. - Not updated often but what is there is gold. - “Did you get my picture via SMS? Put it on my webpage.”

Web comic strips

UGH! Why can’t anyone draw a good comic strip anymore? Mildly amusing stick figures? Makes me want to curl up with my Calvin and Hobbes anthology in the corner, rock back and forth, and wimper “there’s no place like 1990, there’s no place like 1990”

Super fun times.

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What about mocking people that can’t make a good comic strip?

or just fun and cute flash games

This site will suck up so much of your free time.

Just found the other day, really a collection of lists (what is the re-blogged to original post content on the internet? 20-1?) so you may have seen some of these before, but I was in tears: (some NSFW)