Funny pro/e comment...

Pro E is like a 70 year old engineer how probably knows how to do almost everything, but he’s such an arse-hole that you have to ask for help from him in the EXACT right way, and if you just pronounce a word slightly wrong he’ll smash your design to bits and call you a nincompoop.

A comment on this article

Those guys from spaceclaim have been talking up a good game lately. Maybe they’ve earned. After all, they invented all this stuff right (if you believe everything you read)? I wish I had some time to play around with. I wonder if it has advanced surfacing tools. It better - what good is all the push, pull, twist, etc if it doesn’t?

Their business model is what I’m wondering about. If every Tom, Dick, & Hochimin is going to use 3D CAD, thus commoditizing it, the price is going to go way down. In fact we see free CAD out there right now. How do you sell free stuff? There’s got to be something else they come up with to sell to the people with free CAD.

That’s so true for Pro/E…I used to use Pro/E (2001 & Wildfire 2.0/3.0) for surfacing at work (yeah…kill me!!!) & that thing just won’t stop ejaculating those half-your-1280x960-screen-size error banners!!!