Fun Projects

I’m a high school student about to graduate and going to study ID next year. I’m really passionate about design and have done a lot of independent work. Now that summer’s coming it’d be nice to keep my mind running and connected to design. Ideally, I would like to work somewhere like an architectural or ID firm where I’d be exposed to the design process, even if I’m only running errands. However, that’s probably impossible without any real experience, especially living in Connecticut.

So, I think it’d be fun to do some design/craft projects, things I can make without any real heavy duty equipment or materials. In the past, I’ve made things like a child’s lamp, two-sided bowl, and an India-inspired bookbag. I was thinking of doing something I could use for college, innovative slippers or a desk organizer maybe. I’d love to hear ANY other suggestions, leisurely or crazy! Thanks!

I always thought it would be cool to design and build some dorm furniture. It’s a restrictive environment, so it gives you some parameters, plus it’ll be useful. Something modular or collapsible would be ideal so it can get out of the way when need be.

How about focusing on something more to do with form and craft rather than problem-solving, research, and understanding of human factors. I could be wrong, but I’m assuming, just graduating high school, that you haven’t been enrolled in any industrial design class as of yet. It may sound boring at first, but what about designing a set of acrylic drawing sweeps to use in your sketching work. You’ll learn alot about form, lines, curves, etc. and you can use it when you’re done IF they’re crafted well.
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beer bong?

umm… maybe a divider for your dorm room- or a neato loft for your bed. How about a device that silences noises on your side of the room… for any late night encounters you may have.

My roomate was always pissed when my friends came over late and played video games. What kind of late night encounters did you think I was takling about? You have a sick mind!

…can I go back to college with you?

Check out ready made magazine:
It should give you some ideas.