Fun or not appropriate?

I’ve just put up the initial part of my new website and would appreciate some advice:

To give you some background, I am a 21 year old product design student currently on a placement year - while I already have a placement I am looking to do some work with a more creative company later in the year. I wanted to do something a bit different from the standard stuff students put up online in order to grab attention.

What do you think? Have I gone too far?

Is it missing anything?

Help! Lx

I don’t think you have gone too far, I think your visual communication is stronger than your ID work. tHIS isn’t a bad thing but be prepared for discussion of such ideas. the other feedback I can give is novel ideas are a dime a dozen esp if you don’t the education to support them…like ID students spec’ing materials with miraculous “green” properties. It is great you are thinking that way but be careful…you will encounter salty dog design directors who might press the BS button on you.

Left out…I would include a map of your process…how you got from point a to point b and why. also include some form studies. so what if you didn’t do them during class. redraw them now. you want to look your best when presenting yourself. all is fair in work and war.

I took a look, and it’s a good, simple site. The transition from one project to another is a little harsh. The image goes white while its loading which I think can be approved. At least the background would also want to be black.

Also, I read the intro. You and I write alike. That is, it’s written like a conversation to a friend. I don’t think this is quite professional enough sounding. I think you can find a balance or ask a friend who might be better at this to write the copy (which is not a big deal I think you’ll discover).