Fulbright for Interaction Design: Tisch ITP vs RISD vs CMU

I’m an international student. I’ll be applying for a Masters in Interaction Design, and my applications essentially boil down to this: the Tisch ITP program at NYU, RISD’s Digital+Media program, and Carnegie Mellon’s program. I got a Fulbright scholarship so cost is no issue.

I’ve heard a lot of good and bad things about NYU (the PhD prof I’m currently working under told me absolutely NOT to go there, but then he taught in Theatre), but I really want to live in or around NYC. I have heard as many negative things about NYU as I have positive.

The problem with RISD is that it’s a pure Art\Design school - I don’t know how it ranks overall, and I was looking forward to taking courses from disciplines other than Design. Since I’m ultimately seeking to pursue a PhD later in Media Sciences\Visual Culture, I don’t know how an art school degree (even from a top tier one like RISD), will help me get there.

CMU is great rankings wise, excellent academics and campus, from what I gather of their reputation on the web, but I know little about it otherwise. I would really appreciate any information\insights into the above schools and their programs - living abroad and trying to decide on a program is difficult!

Thanks in advance for the help!

first of all, congratulations for your fullbright scholarship!

I’m also an international student so I can’t give you first hand information, but I’m also interested in NYU ITP program and have been searching for reviews.

Maybe this can help:

I think you can also mail some of the reviewers there to know details, personal experiences and any other doubt. Check the alumni al Tisch website as well…

Hope this helps you a little!

If you can handle snow and cold and like user centered design with an emphasis on research come to Cmu

It’s great to know someone with exactly same question with me!