Frost produkt Alta Bike

So wait, Core77 is telling me that you can have FOUR design groups get together and have a design exercise, and the result looks like every bike messenger special in every city around the world? Last I checked, 9.4kg or 21lbs wasn’t a light bike, and that’s comparing the Alta to bikes that HAVE GEARS. Oh wait, the last sentence says it’s intended for wall-mounting…great, another “art-bike” like the Newson one.

Can someone else out there second my calling BULLS**T on this? 6ix?

I’d love to see some brand-name high-end design firm take a crack at doing something that will “epitomize the essential being of an urban bicycle”…odds are it will be as laughable as this art piece. Frost’s bike has no concept of usability, theft prevention, hills, ease of use for beginners, recycled/sustainable materials, or new manufacturing methods. It’s a joke and I’m amazed that the Core77 people would post this being as they are from Crooklyn, NYC, site of the 2005 Bike Messenger World Championships.

As a cyclist, I’ll second that.

There’s a lot of interesting stuff happening in the bike world right now, but unfortunately the stuff that gets the press in the design community seems to be driven more by looks than practicality.

There’s also a lot of interesting stuff happening domestically, elevating bike-building to fine craft. But that’s generally missed in favor of bikes like the Alta. For real useable work of art bikes - check out or

You must be kidding me!! I built a single-speed this past summer and it only weighs 14.5lbs. What’s so special about the handlebars? They’re called bullhorns. Frame is nothing fancy. Looks like everything else coming out of Taiwan.

I mean, seriously, have people never seen a dedicated messenger bike before? And it took 4 design groups to come up with this? Wow, what a complete waste. If I were one of those firms, I certainly wouldn’t claim that I had anything to with a project that looks just like any cyclists winter-project bike.

I guess there is some interesting stuff going on in the world of cycling. Or rather, as much as there can be with the stupid UCI regulations. That said, I find the new SRAM stuff seriously lacking. yeah, it will probably work great (love the shifting action and the sprint trigger.) It would have fit in well back in 1995. The Dura-Ace 10 stuff, which I have on 2 bikes, looks cool and works great. That crankset is drop-dead gorgeous and is something different!! The SRAM crankset is, well, YAWN.

I’ve checked out Vanilla bikes before. Nice craftsmanship. I’d love to get a good, lugged steel frame for my training steed. Much more comfortable than aluminum glued to carbon.

That said, the coolest stuff coming out now seems to be from the partnering of FSA, Zipp and Cervelo. I think Riis had something to do with that.

The bottom line is: Nothing in this press release is true or relevant, other than four design firms got together, “designed” a bike, and painted it green with funky decals. Wake the hell up Frost and Core77 and stop bs’ing your readers - you lose face to anyone who knows anything about bicycles.

I would have have to agree this thing is a just a crappy fixie. I bet it costs more then a Bianchi Pista or something comparable that are going to weigh pounds less and be nicer.

Motion seconded and passed with a show of hands!

Euro665 is bit much for something that has a Specialized saddle and doesn’t even come with their 165g stem. That stem, btw, should really not have any protruding bolts where at the head set… ouch… right in the knees.

Maybe the designers don’t ride nearly as much as their Photoshopped fashion models imply.


It just makes me laugh when I see projects like that.

You’re paying for the gucci paint job and to cover the framebuilders cost of materials to build it 'cause they know they are taking a wash on this thing. Not even a comfortable riding position and comes ina whole two sizes.

It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about design crap.

Those lovely ‘signature’ handlebars lack the bend of bullhorn bars that actually make them comfortable aligning the wrist. And welds so rough and chunky you can see them from a bad web photo.

And seriously this bike is a mass produced a piece as you can find. No frame builder in their right mind would put commuters on an aluminum track bike. You would get beat up on every pot hole and ripple in the aspahlt. (They are fine for a groomed wooden or concrete velodrome though.)

You want a nice bike call a frame builder. Try Damien Clark of and you actually get a bike worth the money you spend.

Oh and the pista that I commute on is steel, stragely doesn’t need brakes, has a nice understated black paintjob, nitto bullhorns, is steel and weighs less than 9 kilos.

The Pista is a nice bike. Nice for people with good knees, messengers, and good riders who want to switch to something less expensive to commute on. Calling the Pista or the Alta a good commuter bike is wrong though - for the other 99% of riders and potential riders. You have to be skilled and a little nuts to take on city streets on that kind of machine. For EU665 there are dozens of other bikes that would do a better job and look better too. Makes me wonder what the purpose of design is…in this case it’s stroking egos and giving the appearance of being useful.

You want a commuter bike for the masses try:

the Kona Smoke for less money

the Bianchi Milano for a little more

or any Breezer bike, say the Freedom

seriously, who the hell DESIGNS a BIKE to be mounted on a WALL. that means that this bike has essentially no function - other an a piece of “art.”

this is not product design, this is just a crappy attempt at swindling people out of their cash. who even buys a bike as a piece of art? anyone who cares about bikes enough to hang them on a wall, surely will have the capability of building (by that I mean sourcing and assembiling) their own bike of similar or higher quality.

I’m a bike head, so feel free to take my comments with a grain of salt. That said, I forget who said that “no-one under 40 should be riding a bike with a deurailer. Whatever happened to triumphing on the virtues of human strength? For me, I’ll take a fixed gear.” A pista is tough as a commuter bike for about a month; then as the body improves and skills develop it becomes an ideal commuter bike. Is it a wonder that we live in a chronically overweight society when the only acceptable forms of transportation require no talent, physical strain, or control to use?

“It never gets any easier. You just go faster.” – Lemond. is not a substitute for antibiotics.


I hang my $7K worth of bikes on the walls of my garage using the same $15 foldable bike mount that the Alta uses (sadly they lack the white paint job). I have to move my $5K car if I want to gaze fondly upon them as a callection or show them off to my fellow velo heads.

What garage? Mine get to stay in the living room. How can you tell I’m single?


i hear that, i have my bikes strewn about my apartment wherever they can fit. in fact, I have more bikes than roomates (and I have 5 roomates). luckily, i have have a girl that is more than happy with my collection of bikes, hell, i even built one of em up for her (btw, i think that is the trick to getting them hooked…)

who in their right mind would pay large sums of $$ for a bike that they put no love into? it is sad to even think that these people were proud of what they achieved.

Not to hijack the discussion on bikes (which has been very interesing for me, a novice cyclist), but just because core posts something doesn’t make it good design. Case in point:

When I read this post my whole body cringed. On the other hand, it is so bad I guess you could call it campy.

Someone once wrote that a good design does not need to be described: it is honest and speaks for itself.

I think that is what is rasing the ire of so many here in regards to the Alta bicycles. If you know even a little bit you see thru the farce and realize that its a sham, or even worse if you truly look into it you realize its a down right attempt to lie to you.

In a way, the bicycling industry does need new and innovative products to bring in non cyclistes, but it needs to do this in a benficial way. Not with poor products wrapped in cynical colors and marketing schemes (isn’t green the color of envy?)

Consider if the Alta bike was built with a “propreitary” handle bar that was actually ergonomic

a slightly more relaxed geometry with more upright Stem. Add a few braze ons for a rack or fenders and you would actually have a good useful bike under that paint job.

With oil and gas prices soaring there is a golden oppourtunity to do this and create a product that truly makes an impact on society by improving people’s lives. With the Alta its just a waste, a bottom line product pretending to be a high end benficial product for society.

Nice bike, it looks like a Bow-Ti but isn’t. That hand position was tried by Peterson back in his Bridgestone days on the XO-series. It was very good, but the market had not yet matured enough to accept “radical” ideas. He still sell these Nitto Moustache Bars at is new firm, Rivendell.


Ouch, you bring Campy into this? (Campagnolo???) jk :laughing:

Oh snap. Bringing the Campy vs. Shimano debate onto Core!! Wow, that takes some guts. Guess next year we can throw in SRAM as well.

Here’s my take: Campy is gorgeous. Love the ergopower shifting, carbon-fiber everything and Italian panache. Not sure why exactly, but their stuff always looks good. But why the heck do they still use square-taper bottom-brackets?

Shimano is typical of a Japanese company. Their stuff is like kitchen appliances. They work, and they work well. Much like the Honda Accord. Wonderful car but difficult to lust after. Shimano brings a lot of innovation to the table, with outboard bearings and some of the smoothest shifting around. I’ve owned both Record 10 and Dura-Ace 10, and I was left riding with DA. For racing, it’s the way to go. They just need to get those stupid STI cables out of the way!

Now, that said, Campy has some interesting things coming along, like Electro Record. Lampre and Saeco have both been using this beauty for the past couple of seasons and supposedly it’s working well. It MUST be better than Mektronic. If any of you guys remember Mektronic, the brake levers had some darn good designers working on them. I was very, very impressed. Best shifting system, hands down.