FrontPage Rollover Errors?

Any web gurus here?

I am getting errors in Explorer 7 after creating rollovers in Frontpage. The rollovers still work but how do I get it so that it stops saying there is a page error?

It is an “Invalid Character” error. Whatever that means.


Well my first piece of advice personally would be to ditch front page. It’s a pretty wretched piece of software.

Do you have a link to the page you’re getting an error on? I can look and see if it’s something thats being done wrong, but my $5 is on whatever rollover code is being used just isn’t properly compatible with IE7.

Theres a million different ways to do rollovers though so it may just be a matter of switching the code.

Just dont use rollovers on your website there lame and cheap. You want a proper intro and animations use Flash.

I agree with these guys. Lose frontpage :angry: ! Get a copy of dreamweaver and flash. You’ll love life. You can have dreamweaver nailed in a couple of days—if that.


Theres nothing wrong with doing rollovers. Doing them in artsy useless ways that make the site more difficult to navigate is one thing, but just using them to highlight where you are or what your’re clicking on is pretty standard,

Flash is grossly overused in making overanimated difficult to navigate sites. It’s fine when it works well, but when flash is bad, it’s usually REALLY bad.

frontpage is a beast. go dreamweaver.

as for use of flash and rollovers- i’d say that rollovers are now typical of straightforward UI and help indicate navigation, so they should be used.

if all you need is a basic site, no need to go flash. flash is great if you have lots of animations, transitions, sounds, but otherwise can also lead to unforseen problems. you cant bookmark specific URL/content, pages print funny, and there are still (even with almost 98% compatibility for flash 8 in most markets) some issues with sites running slow/not working.

go html if you can. go dreamweaver. go “interwebs!”