from the swiss car show, you have to love top gear designed by a 7 year old :laughing:


I thought all Sbarro made was Pizza?

Sbarro has done some crazy stuff over the years. Some of it really adventurous, some of it just wacky, but always unexpected.

sadly this looks like a bad knock off of their own sabbro scarab from the 80’s

I remember that car. It’s hard to know when to stop sometimes… I actually thought this was an old 80’s concept until I look at the rims. Wheels like that never existed back then.

The front end reminds me of the speed racer mach 5.

It feels like the step between the current cars, and transformers. which is fantastic.

And looking like speed racer is always a positive.

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I always liked what they did for concepts, I think they were the 1st (at least one of the 1st) to do hubless wheels (cool or not, interesting). This concept seemed too much like their old concept (maybe in part because some of their old concepts were pretty advanced for it’s time and our time eventually caught up??) But I always loved the low side window/doors. It’s very Sbarro, love it or hate it, it is interesting.

the Hubless wheel has a name: Osmos

Sbarro has managed to industrialize the hubless wheel: have a look at the Sbarro watch: