From Southern California to Holland


Im a new member of this site and love it. Recently I been getting this feeling of just taking off from California, get out of dodge, pull a bandido and move… run away ‘to’ home if you will. My couisn lives in Amsterdam at the moment and he has been telling me to move there for years. So since im tired of watching reality shows, girls and guys trying way to hard to be Paris Hilton or Vin Diesel and way too many Botox ads I have decided to jump across the atlantic in search of something else. - Does anyone have any advice on where a designer can look for work in Holland? As a graphic designer? Any advice?

Thank you.

Hi Victor,

Funny! As a Dutch guy I’ve been thinking to go San Francisco for several years, but after reading about the VISA problems and watching Micheal Moore’s films, I’m not so enthusiastic anymore… Anyway, if you want to move to Amsterdam the best place to start is the website of BNO, the dutch design association. They have an english section (look for button “english please” on top) and a jobs section (in Dutch only, click on blue button “gezocht”, then “vacatures” on your left and look for the words" grafisch ontwerper" (graphic designer)). Send them an email about what you want, and they can help you further.

good luck,