i didn’t graduate from a transportation design program. i’ve worked my whole career in product design, 20+ years now. a recruiter calls me the other day with 2 id job ops and i submit my resume. i get a follow up call the next day telling me i have all the reqs and the hiring manager wants to see my book, and by the way the jobs are in transportation.

seems to me that my odds are slim and none, but i was curious if anyone else has made this transition without any transportation experience?

if so, what do you think it was about your skills/experience/personality that made it possible?

how is transportation design different from your product design experience?

Can you give more details on what kind of transporation company is it? Is it a major car manufacturer? Is it a supplier? Is it a smaller design studio? What kind of cars do they usually deal with? Which part of the world( US, Europe etc)?

I have no real experience but I can at least tell you what I know( since I have friends in GM and such).

Also, is the offical title an exterior designer, interior designer, color and trim or??? It doesn’t mean that working for a transportation natured studio means that you will be designing cars. Most of it is still product based.

the ops are interior and exterior with a large us manufacturer, not cars but same basic components.

ok then I don’t think i can tell you what you probably don’t know. It will be nothing about designing cars but it’s cars 24-7. What I mean is you will be designing components like headlights or accessories. Or even parts that won’t be visuable on the finished car. I think there will definitely be more engineering than designing. IMO I don’t like a job like this because even though there is a variety of items, there isn’t a variety in terms of diversity. Another thing that I personally would prefer a more conventional product job is, car components don’t involve as much interaction with the user as much as a consumer product does. Things like rear mirror, headlamps etc. And there isn’t a whole lot you can control, because it will be fitted onto the car by someone else. You are just doing things with limitations pre-specified… oh well, aren’t most projects like that already

thanks, m_c. anyone else out there who has made this transition want to clue me in?