From Intern to Designer. . .what should I get paid?

I started as an intern the summer after my junior year. The Firm decided to hire me on after my internship was over—part time while I was still in school. a month later, they bumped me from 10 bucks an hour to 12, which is what I’m making now. This summer, I graduate, and don’t know what I should accept for salary compensation. It is an advertising firm with high end clients in Real Estate and Hospitatlity, based in Phoenix. Any thoughts?

ask for 45k
say thats about the ballpark of the industry
then negotiate

that’s all.
(from the amount of info I got from your post and nothing else.)

I think $45K - $50K is a good place to start.

what kind of designer are you?

From the looks of it, I am asumming he is a Graphic Artist.
Is that right?

well good luck getting 45, the average is $25k-$35k, very low, this is what one of my advisors told me while in school

Entry level salaries in Chicago for graphic design/advertising is $28,000-$35,000. Some places pay a bit less (cheapskates) and some might pay a bit more if you have the experience to back it up.

Here’s a salary calculator for cost of living differences: Relocation Calculator - House Moving Costs and Resources |

According to this calculator you should ask for something between $18,940 and $23,676

Product designers start out much higher and can start as high as the low 40’s