From ID to Real Estate (

Hello everyone!
I made the switch from ID to Real Estate.

My first ID job was with M3 Design in Austin TX (~2 years), and my next/last ID job was with Motorola in Ft. Lauderdale (~5 years).

I became more and more interested in user research as my career unfolded; I was able to take on some compelling research projects with Motorola in the past year.

It is really cool to see how design has prepared me for the Real Estate field. I’m still using interviewing techniques with clients, and having a lot of fun doing it.

This was the right decision for me and my circumstances, this is not an anti-ID thread.

My office is right in the heart of Historic Downtown Wilmington NC. If anyone wants to talk Real Estate or needs a great referral in their area for a top-notch RE/MAX agent, drop me a line.

Your Designer in the Real Estate Business,
Matt Julian

question? or self promo?


I don’t see many posts from Industrial Designers that have gone on to other careers. I thought it might be of interest to people considering a career change- ID does prepare you for work as a Real Estate Agent.

It is nice applying all that creative energy to my own business instead of being an employee.


It is nice applying all that creative energy to my own business

Matt Julian
RE/MAX Coastal Properties
Wilmington NC
910 262 7366 direct
www.mattjulian> .

promo… … …

No body cares if you sale houses now. The only thing important here is you leaving an open space for an upcoming designer.