hey everyone;

i am a mechanical engineer and i currently had plans of doing my masters in ID ; however after a lot of research and nosing around ; making calls to all the universities and art schools, and with some very valuable suggestions on my previous topic, i have made a decision that i shall go for an undergrad degree in ID before proceeding on to a masters ;

P.S : please go through my previous topic to learn more abt what i want to do : “Which school is the better grad school, Please help me out.”

Now here are my doubts regarding this topic.:

a bachelors degree generally would be for 4 years ; but i have heard that u can study undergrad for around 2 years and then continue on to your masters degree, i have very little idea abt these ; so kindly help me out here please…

next ; i wanna do automobiles in ID and i have more than 2 years of work experience in automobile design on the engineering side…besides that i have a bachelor of engineering degree in mechanical engineering; to which schools do u guys think i should apply ;the considerations being cost, financial aid and very good automobile design curriculum AND OF COURSE A FACILITY TO COVER MY UNDERGRAD AND MASTERS…

KINDLY HELP ME OUT HERE PLEASE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Sorry I didn’t pay much attention on your previous thread because I have not been through masters myself, but I thought I can give you some suggestions.

First of all, why do you want to do masters immediately after your undergrad ID degree? It’s not necessary for a job, but may be required for teaching.

For automotive designs, the only schools I will recommend is Art Center and CCS.

Art Center: Expensive but you can continue with masters there.

CCS: Considerably cheap, in fact, cheaper than most art/design schools. There is a rumor that they may establish a grad program but you can’t count on rumors.

Or, you can consider European schools. Some of which takes more than 4 years but you get a Mdesign instead of BFA. Personally, for personal development, I think European school will be my suggestion.

The down side for going to Europe is, the car industry has a lot to do with contacts. If you graduate from CCS, you get lots of exposure from US-based car studios. They will come to the school to see your work. Same works for European schools. So if you intend to work in the US right after graduation, I don’t know if going to Europe will help you.

You mentioned about finishing the degree in 2 years. As far as I know, it’s not too possible. First, you probably can have your liberal arts credits transfered from your ME degree. However there are core studios that you need to fulfil, and usually, students take one at a time. I have seen students who take 2 studios at a time and it’s not fun at all. Furthermore, trans programs are usually specialized, meaning that they move the same batch of students together at the same pace. So you will graduate with the same classmates you entered with. So for many people, they still need to spend 4 years even if they have fewer credits to finish.

When you talk to schools, don’t just talk to the academic advisors. Talk to the department itself. Schools tend to have lots of changes in their courses and advisors may not be aware of what it takes to graduate as a trans grad.

Oh btw, at CCS, you are not garanteed to graduate as a trans designer. Only about 15~20 students graduate as trans designers each year out of the 150 freshman they get. I think it’s different in Art Center.

The route to becoming a car designer is really narrow. First of all if you do it, there are only these few ways. Secondly, if you don’t make it to the end(being hired as one), you are pretty much done for. They only want the top graduates, and your graduation show will be extremely important for your career.

Hey molested cow;

Thanks for the prompt reply; i really have to say, that was a superb analysis of my situation .The only reason that i would go for a masters is that it will guarantee me a job, i have a lot of problems here man, am the only son and i am from india, here the cultural roots go very deep, i have to take care of my family, so if i study for 4 long years and as u said still not make it at the end i am done for and my family will be left helpless,

besides that i do not want to ruin my ambitions going forward, i am confident but i need something rock solid, u know nothing like a maybe or maybe not…but something like a YES or a YES again.

SO i thought u know a masters would be really helpful for that; and from what i heard is that u could take a baccalaurete degree for a year and a half and then continue on to your masters, do u know anything on that line.

hey i am pretty interested on you comments about european design schools with a MDES in 4 yrears along with the basic design skills…can u give me more info on that…

Please help me here man…

Thanks a lot

Again, the masters is not an automatic job guarantee, particularly in such a skills focused area like trans!

If you really want to design cars apply to: Art Center, RCA, CCS and UC as backup, it would be nearly impossibel anywhere else.

Masters will not garantee you a job. Your portfolio will. You have to be absolutely the top students from these top schools to be garanteed a job, if any, and sometimes it’s on your luck to get one because of the down times.

Portfolio is built based on the time and effort you put into it, not a degree. You can have a Phd but a lousy portfolio and companies will not even look at you. The purpose of going to these top trans schools is to allow you to build a competitive portfolio, not to get the degree, therefore you can forget about taking short cuts to graduation.

There is no “yes-yes” on this one. If there is, everyone would be a car designer.

why dont you ask these questions on the trans. section?


I was not aware of a trans section on core77 forums ; is there any


I have to agree with molested cow, your portfolio (and network/contacts) really gets you into the design area/job you want. I’ve met people with Masters Degrees in ID who skipped getting the undergrad ID experience/training, and their portfolios are horrible because they didn’t learn the underlying skills.

In terms of what schools to check out, you might what to look at some of the portfolios on Coroflot…it takes a little surfing, but there is a way to display portfolios by people from certain schools.

Oh yeah, if you plan on applying to schools for the Fall '06 semester…you’d better get going…most apps are due Feb 1 or Mar 1…most of which require a portfolio of some sort.

Good Luck.

killa bunny;

Hey thanks man,i have worked on a lot of auto design projects including the hummer H4 and chevy corvette, but those are classified i cannot put them on the portfolio, i did not have time other than work so havent done too many independent projects as such…here is my portfolio though check it out and let me know PLEASe…


Who are you kidding?! You did NOT work on H4 and corvette. Took a little looksy at your portfolio, I think my 8 year old niece sketches better. Here’s a little link fellas

Don’t waste your money on ID schools. Invest your money in a coloring book.

hey miney;

dude ; those sketches were done for timepass, i am an engineer guess u did not read my first topic properly, i work ON those programs, i did not say i entirely designed it and those are bound by a confidentiality agreement which if i put on my portfolio; the lawyers will hang me dry upside down…otherwise my reason for a poor portfolio is that in 2. years we have just worked at office no time to do any other personal work other than the minor things i have done…

Hope have cleared ur confusion and ur mocking tone can simmer down now…ehhhh ; i am plannin for another undergrad degree in ID- transportation track this time…wait for another 2 years and then take a look at my portfolio


hey savyas
dun let a bunch of obnoxious , insecure morons pull u down ! what they probably havent heard of is something called constructive criticsm !

ur sketches arent bad, only they are amateurish . if ur aspiring to be a designer, ull have to give a package deal . the process starts from conception , ideation , involves heavy duty styling and to top it all , presentation.and thats where ur really taking a beating.
and getting a great job , is definitely not just abt skecthing, its heavily reliant on marketing and persuation skills as well.not to fget focus.

i knew ppl who werent so great at sketching , but they woked hard , and honestly with rendering markers, photoshop and all the paraphernalia available , its no big deal. sketching is NOT rocket science ! and now one of those guys , is at art center , studying entertainment design .

advice is good , but its imp to know where it is coming give a damn to these hi headed naysayers , and go on and do what u want.

and yes , designing is mainly abt passing gas , as you can see in the above posts by miney and the like.

Agreed, sketching is a skill, and just like any skill, it can be learned. Don’t listen to chumps, let their words fuel your fire to keep going after your dream.

Hey guys thanks a lot;

I have faced this kind of thing before ; but i am very passionate about what i want to do; i have planned and prepared for 2 years to go to a good transportation design school and learn ; as many of you put it ; sketching is a skil that can be learned …

GUest and YO my thanks for keeping my spirit high.

Hey i was looking at these schools for fall 2006 admission for a bachelors in transportation design. Please let me know the PROS and CONS for them :


i would like to go to UMEA, what do u think about that ; i am working on my portfolio will present it better this time, can u give me some specific tips on that,…

ONCE AGAIN thanks and as they say in my native language " JAI DESIGNERS" which means " HAIL DESIGNERS"…