From Design to Advertising, should I?

Hey all,

I’m a product designer in the Netherlands. I’ve been at it for 5 years and it’s been a somewhat bumpy ride. Holland is a pretty small country and i sometimes feel we have more designers and studios for the amount of assignments available. So I thought I’d broaden my horizons a bit.

I’ve just come back from an interview with a company which makes television-ads (initial idea to finish). They are reasonably on the edge, using HD slowmo camera’s and incorporating lots of 3D and green screen. They make some pretty nice things. And the interview went really well. I’ve got a good feeling about this.

But I’m also wondering, would I miss being a designer?! The job has a lot going for it, fast-paced, creative process of creating ads, interest in animated internet marketing, I would be able to learn a ton of new stuff. But i might miss actually researching, designing, drawing and the freedom of working freelance.

So has anyone here made a move like this? Is it something you’ve thought about but didn’t do? Any advice you might offer? All will be much appreciated!

Marketing and Design can be two very similar fields at times. You already have the creative skills for both worlds. If you wanted to give this job a shot then go for it. You can always try to do freelance design work on the side.

At this job you will most likely get a lot of researching work in still. Albeit in a different area. You will be drawing storyboards. You could probably do some character design work also.

I would give it a shot. If you don’t like the work after a year then you may consider going back to strictly design work.

FYI - One of my dream jobs is working in the prop design shop at ILM creating both physical and digital set/prop designs for ads and movies.

There is no right answer to this of course, what matters are your personal priorities and short and long term goals. If doing ID is a must for you, and Holland isn’t working out, maybe the solution is not switching fields but switching regions?

If staying located where you are is of higher importance, then this becomes more attractive.

Once you list out sone parameters, the decision will start to make itself… Just like with design. And your career is a major design project.

Thank you for your quick replies guys, and sorry for my tardy one.

Interesting take on the digital set/prop design Ross, made me think.

And good call on geography Yo, but moving is not an option at this moment. Maybe in a year or so.

As replied, there is no right answer. But I’ve been able to piece together a nice list of questions that I’ll be asking during my second interview tomorrow. Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken with has told me to ‘go for it’, what have i got to lose by not doing it?

I’d say the overall chance is that i will go for it but let’s see how tomorrow goes first. :smiley: