frog ID reel

One of the fun things about starting at a new place is uncovering all the good stuff. This is a little ID reel I came across that was made earlier this year. Thought you guys would like to see all the Mac prototypes, as well as a bunch of the other work.

Very cool! I’m sure they have a ton of gems like this buried in the archive.

"Dieses Video enthält Content von Sony Music Entertainment. Es ist in deinem Land nicht mehr verfügbar. "

= this video contains content that is owned by Sony Music Entertainment. It is not available in your medieval little country, that obeys to international copyright acts like no other, unlucky you.

That Intel Digital Signage concept was amazing. I feel like we have the technology to make that a reality right now.

That’s cool - Interesting to see them transform from a hardcore ID consultancy to working on multi-disciplinary services/systems in real time.

Wait, so because it has a song attached to it you don’t get to see that video in Germany?

The Intel Digital Signage stuff is awesome, it is actually a fully functioning prototype, we have it in the lobby right now… very Minority Report.

This is one of the reasons I came to frog Design + Engineering + Software capabilities makes for a pretty fun sandbox to play in.

Yo, I was definitely thinking Minority Report as well when I saw that. Btw, if you guys haven’t heard already, frog design and ECOtality have recently announced a sleek looking residential/commercial ev charger called ‘blink.’ Due out sometime in Fall.

a little bit about it, the guy in this video sits next me in the studio:


Wait, so because it has a song attached to it you don’t get to see that video in Germany

That’s exactly what they are doing. What I don’t understand is, that they let it go through in the US,
as both are US Companies. Probably someone at Sony Germany overreacted ?

Thanks for the article. One day, I’ll be the guy who sits next to you in the studio at frog.

I believe this is all automated now. The music is determined by scanning, and Sony’s arrangements in Germany with YouTube are likely stricter than the States.

edit insert

YouTube Copyright Policy: Video Identification tool

The Content Identification tool is the latest device from YouTube, allowing copyright holders to identify and manage their content easily on YouTube. The tool creates ID files which are then run against user uploads and, if a match occurs, the copyright holder’s policy preferences are then applied to that video. Rights owners can choose to block, track or monetise their content.
What are “ID files”?

The digital content identification file corresponding to a reference file (a piece of content, such as a film, some music or other audiovisual material). This file is generated using Google software and is also known as a “fingerprint”.
Where does the reference library come from?

The reference library is generated from copies of content or from ID files that are submitted by content owners.
How accurate is Content Identification?

The solution is very accurate at finding uploads which look similar to reference files of sufficient length and quality to generate an effective ID File. The system is calibrated to offer the best possible automated matches, whilst eliminating most false-positive matches. We are constantly fine-tuning the system to deal with attempts to circumvent it and, therefore, exact rates are not available.
Why did YouTube start using Content Identification?

Since its launch in 2005, YouTube has been committed to giving copyright owners the ability to maximise their choice in how their content is made available on the site. Content Identification is the latest in a series of the tools that YouTube offers content owners to identify and manage the use of their content more easily on the site.

Yo - Great stuff. Very cool to see. Thanks.

Update on that ECOtality charger that released today:

Any idea how long it take to “charge up” and what cost would be?

I believe the big DC fast chargers that will be at gas stations take 30 minutes, the home and pedestal units take longer I think, but those are designed more for an overnight charge when you come home for work, or when you go shopping for awhile… I’ll doub check on that…

Seems like the most sensible places to put these would be large business park parking lots, parking garages, and dedicated city spaces (like the zip cars).

a little more detail into the process here:

A couple of updates on the Blink EV Chargers