Friends in other majors during college

Who here made friends with other kids in different majors during their stint in college? And what benefits (and I don’t mean s3x with hot interior design chicks) did you gain education-wise from those friends?

For example, at my school we have a very small but extremely comprehensive metals/jewelry program. Being a sub-category of ID, I find their design process to be intriguing. They do some decent concept sketching, some 3d models/renderings (quite a lot actually), and then make physical parts on very intricate machinery. What interests me most as a residential furniture major, is that some of the classes are spent making tabletop items and flatware which I believe goes hand-in-hand with home furnishings…

I’m just not the kind of student that likes to isolate myself in just my own discipline… I like to constantly visit the other areas of the school and see what it is that they do and how that can be tied in to what I currently do or aim to do in the future. Anyone else do this in school?

I had a lot of friends in non ID disciplines. What did I learn?

Probably more about cars, football and drinking then I did about engineering, business, or psychology. So it may not be all that useful…unless you’re looking to picking the right turbine size for that new turbo project on your car. :laughing:

I always stopped by the engineering labs…my school was/is heavily involved in tons of wild projects from robotics to autonomus vehicle design to sustainable architecture. Not necessarily because I had friends on those projects as much as I was just generally interested in the work other people were doing.

Bipedal robots are SWEEET :laughing:

I had a lot of friends in Architecture, Graphic Design, Film and Animation, and Illustration. We would often crit each other’s work and their varied view points always helped as much as it helped to look at their work. I ended up taking a few classes in architecture (traditional arch. water color rendering), sculpture, and GD that helped me a ton. the diverse set of peers around you are your biggest asset in college. When you graduate you might be with just a few other designers surrounded by business and engineering types.

There were no other “creative courses” in my college so the other students really looked down to us (Brazil isn’t the best place for a designer, or at least not in the general public’s eyes :unamused: ). At one point, they called us “luxury pre-school” since we were always drawing. Stupid “future” lawyers, managers, economists, diplomats…

Lived with Architects, Aerospace Engineers, and Biochemists. Needless to say it was interesting comparing our work loads.

But, we all had similar interests… sports, politics, what makes things tick, etc.

In the design realm, I always drifted in and out of other studios to see what was going on. Everyone did and it made for a very positive attitude.

honestly, never got out much outside the ID studio/realm. pretty much my only interaction with other major at my school was in residence where they would come by the study room at 3am drunk while i was furiously sanding a model of blue foam with shavings and dust everywhere.

for sure i would have like to interact more with non-IDers, and did make a few architecture friends, but not so much perhaps in retrospect that I would have liked.

On the plus side, a lot of our requirement courses were non-design an in classes in other faculties (business, engineering, psych, math, science, etc,.). interaction was minimal but at least somehow put things into perspective for me- that ID and cross-faculty work is hard!


PS. also had a BA student girlfriend senior year who somehow thought that going to studio at midnight on a saturday was fun and that i chose to get away from her, but that’s a whole 'nother story i won’t get into.