freshmen starting fall of '05

who’s going? :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats in chosing an exciting profession, welcome aboard…or should I say…saddle up.

Im going :slight_smile:

I’ll be there too, as a Photography major.

im there :stuck_out_tongue:

horray pratt

its so much fun at pratt im going in the fall soo excited, went there last summer for the summer program every one there was so awsome!
Cant wait!

im starting at pratt in the fall 2005, too! :smiley:

this is not a pratt forum. i’m glad you all are excited, but find a chat room already

Why do you anal people get so bent out of shape if the someone mentions pratt in their posting. Typically the subject lin in the new posts mentions something about pratt. Just don’t read those ones.

Those people act like there getting duped into reading some exciting posting only to be tricked into another damn pratt posting!!!

rats… they did it again, I’ll get those pratt students off this site yet!

Well, I’d hate to fuel the fire against pratt students by posting here…

but, haha, yeah, I’m going to attend pratt as a freshman in the fall of 2005.

Anybody doing Illustration?

stop this ass wipe pratt chatt.

boycott that ass grease school. they cant even afford to pay for bandwidth on their own site.

what reputable school leeches off other sites for administrative and student use?

I’m going to Pratt this fall, (uh-oh, I said the “P” word!) majoring in Interior Design, BFA, Freshman, girl, yay! And I want to know some people before I get there! Post or e-mail …