Freshman student opportunities

Hello! My name is Stanley, and I am freshman industrial design student in Poland. I have always dreamt of studying in USA. By the end of this academic year I hope to gather great portfolio and I was wandering whether there are any internships for freshman students that I could land based on my projects. Are there any valuable programmes connected with my major that I would be able to participate in as an international student.Basically, I want to start getting familiar with USA before heading there for studying as it is huge and life changing decision Sorry for so general questions but I have enough of my environment and I strive to attain the best education and place with great potential.
Thank you!

Hey Stanley,

Do you know where in the US you would like to be? Urban, Suburban, Rural? North or South? East or West?

I went to Virginia Tech where they have an excellent College of Architecture (which includes ID). I know they accept international transfers as I studied alongside many. Diverse culture is just one of the many benefits from VT. However, there are tons of great schools in the States. Maybe narrowing down where you would like to live would help? For example, Virginia Tech is in Blacksburg, Virginia a more rural small town type of atmosphere (but still along the east coast so close enough to travel to the big cities).

I can’t speak to the other schools but I know there is good talent coming from all over. If you have any questions feel free to message me!