fresh portfolio

Hello, I am kinda fresh here, and to mark my existance, I`d like to ask you to wisit my portfolio website. Thanks for comments…

Nice, I like it a lot. Clean work! Your web navigation could use some more clues, i.e. when I click on “print” and see only the numbers and a blank screen…I was waiting for more to appear until I realized that I had to choose a project…

Really nice work. Couple of suggestions.

You may want to change the name of the ‘ID’ link to identity. Some viewers (especially people on this site) will expect to see industrial design not identity.

The ‘portfolio’ link isn’t obvious as a link. Since you have all this navigation, color and image to the left, that’s where my eyes went first.

You need to give a title on each page that includes your name. People will bookmark individual pages. The name that shows up in their bookmarks will be what you put in the html title.


now you have ‘Portfolio’
Consider: ‘piotr karetko | portfolio’ (just like you have in the body of the page.)

Yesss. thanks for replies so far, and if you dont mind, id like to ask you to more pay attention to the works , than the website itself. and once more thanks for your time to write me comments. waiting to see more!

You have some very nice work. Talented. Am I missing something or are the “motion” samples static? I would like to see these move? Are these flash pieces? If they are, after seeing your other work I am interested in seeing what you can do with the motion stuff. These should load.

Your web samples look like they might be hard to locate the navigation. Maybe you should show samples of multiple pages?

There is a nice edge to your print samples. Great work.

very nice work!
it also took me a little while to figure out that you have to click on that first page, you might want to add something there
the navigation is simple and i like it… do you guys think its better that way? very straight forward for viewers as opposed to flasha nd animationa nd such?

im looking at making a website myself right now and have to make these decisions soon…