Fresh off the Boat - Where To begin??

This probably not the 1st time anyone has heard this, however…I literally stepped off a plane from london 2 days ago and I am now in New York looking for work. Problem is as many companies as i contacted via email while working in the UK are as many doors that have been shut in my face now that im here, i have to network but i realise in america i cant do the "drop in with folio in hand " as i have heard from many many people in industry it is a total waste of time for everyone involved. I have a greencard, my folios not two shabby and I’m ready to work… …so whats wrong ??
I’m just wondering how things work here for the newcomers?

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Right here is one spot, idsa functions are another. But first, get that portfolio link working.

Wow, it takes a lot of guts to fly in to another continent and check things out. I respect that. I think like Skinny says, post up a folio through coroflot, start emailing that link out and see if you can arrange follow ups. Remember a whole crop of designers just graduated in May and June here, so many places have probably filled their open spots or found people they like to use on a contract basis…

  • be patient too.
    It can take 6-12 months for someone with connections to find an opening. Unless you are willing to move out to the sticks that is…somewhere without schools and just had someone leave