FRESH OFF SCHOOL, can you give advices on my portfolio ? THX

Hello people,
my name’s Aurelien, I’m a 24 years old designer from Paris looking for advices on my portfolio
By the way I’m trying to setup a blog about my design life on TUMBLR, does anybody got one?

I already contacted some heads with mad experience on here, and the negative feedbacks were that I didn’t show a lot of process in my works… I’m still waiting for Mr Di Tullo response as well

Thanks a lot for reading and for your help! I need you because times are really hard, I’ve contacted a lot of agencies, a lot never took the time to even answer, a lot take young designers just for internships (even with 5 years of studies) just to save money!

Sorry if I did some grammar mistakes… :unamused:

I also decided to try behance cause I thought the presentation is more clearer than coroflot…What you think?

Thanks again

Hey Aurelien,

first of all: why dont you put one set on your coroflot site which is called “portfolio”? that would make it much more easier to look at it and it wouldnt take 30 minutes to go through all your sets.
it is always so annoying to click through different sets just to see someones portfolio.
i also made that mistake on my first portfolio from last year.

second advise would be to get a straight, clean layout.
and i would try to only few your best work . for example the “mobile” set says nothing to me. there is no process shown it is just , i guess, an illustrator rendering… (maybe it is a good project but without any information i cant tell it to you :/)

this is just my opionion…
most of your stuff looks good so put it in the right light !

Hi MARC, thanks for your answer but I thought that it would be easier for someone who doesn’t want to look at everything in my works
So I try to divide the works through like in a website but I clearly understand what you’re saying
So thanks again…

Help me please! :smiley: