Fresh graduate struggling to find work

Hi guys,

I am looking for some guidance with what to do. I just graduated from school in May and saved up enough money from this summer to get a cheap place in Boston so I can look for work and get plugged into the social network. I have been e-mailing and cold calling places looking for an entry level design position. I have also pursued non-design jobs and have a lead to getting a job as finical consultant with a large firm(

How long should I wait out the design job before I get a “professional job” to pay the bills? Also what is a good resource to find out about companies who hire Industrial Designers, but are not consultancy firms in the Boston area such as Bose or New Balance? What is a good method of finding consultancy work?

To give you an idea of my background, I have my website up
There is a forum right on the site which allows you to leave me constructive criticism.
Thanks a lot