Fresh BSID Portfolio (Website)
Just finished up early August from Georgia Tech, looking for work!

I have my two recent projects under construction and protected by a password for the time being…

What’s good/bad/ugly?


Bonus hidden page of drawings (not entirely suitable to a ‘professional’ portfolio?):

Ryan, it feels a little weird that the first page is a picture of you. Most portfolios start with work, and end with you. On the work, its good, but I’m not seeing much that really pops, stands out, or rises above the overall average. Not a lot of risks being taken. I recommend you work up a new personal project where you really push yourself out of your comfort zone and show what you are passionate about.

Thanks for the feedback. I’m making some changes and I’d really appreciate you checking it out again tomorrow!

So first thing about the website: After I’ve clicked the portfolio link at the top navigation bar at first I couldn’t figure out how to look deeper at the project, I thought your project brief screen was the whole project then I realized I could click on the thumbnails. So maybe make it more of a linear website if you can? So the home page of portfolio shows one thumbnail of each project, then I can click on one of those and see all your in depth research and beautiful shots and whatnot.

For the backtrack project I would like to see the ideation and process behind the actual project. The outcome is interesting but how did you get there? I would like to see some sketches on the ideation, how did you decide on that shape and why? One other note, the font is bolded for the titles but on the page showing the circuit board the whole body of text is bolded and inconsistent with the rest of the piece.

Piku is an interesting quick project, nice! But does it need to be white, what about fun colours? And I think I would make the trigger more obvious, include a kind of dip in the design that leads the finger onto it and maybe with a colour accent so the elderly know exactly how to take a photo instinctively.

I also do like that you included the project brief in there, gives a context to the design a little bit.

Overall nice work, also agree with Yo that you should take some more risks and be more bold.