french touch

Hi All,
Could you have a look on my portfolio and let me know your feedbacks!!!
Thanks :smiley:

I enjoyed your website. I thought that it was clean, easy to navigate and visually appealing. I particularly liked the inclusion of the dandelion transitions.

As for your projects and industrial design skills, I thought that your projects were all very interesting and innovative. I thought that you showed very good 3D rendering skills. I still felt that I didn’t fully understand some of your projects. The cooking balls and the Les Petits Bonheurs line are examples of visually interesting products that I am not sure that I fully understand. The text descriptions were very brief and I was looking for that descriptive image that provided context to your design.

As for your sketches, I was wondering why you chose to include some of the first few various sketches. They seemed a little weak and hurt the overall impression I had of your work.

I hope this feedback helps. Overall I really enjoyed the site.

I really liked your site.
I feel totally inferior as a designer after your site!

I also enjoyed your website. I thought that it was easy to navigate to, nice proprotions and scale of your images and page layout. transitions were nice but i got a lil annoyed with them atfter about 5min of going through your site.

the projects were good. I liked to see the variety, and the different mediums that you used were also very good…I agree that teh discriptions were a lil skinny, might want to beef them up. and Let me know more about what you were thinking on every project. but please dont write me a novel…smile.

the sketches, I was wondering why you chose to include some of the first few various sketches also, and not only that but right when i click on gallery i see one of your skecthes, I feel like the weakest one of the sketches too. i would put that one at all. I would like to see sketches of the projects that you have in teh other catigories like for example some shoes sketches, I want to see your thought process…

but overal a good site.

so are u in France now?? how is it being a designer out there???

Thanks for your help, I am totally agree with you … … The sketches part need to be urgently updated !
I know what to do now

Great work. Really refreshing site. It is nice to se an Industrial designer’s site so visually considered.

In a way I kind of like that there where not really any descriptions. I got the sense that there was a lot of thinking behind the projects and that is just the kind of tease you want to give to a potential employer. I think it would peak someone’s intrest and make them want to give you an interview! Sometimes less is more, in fact I think the amount od images, especially on the last few projects, could be edited down.

I agree on the sketching. It is the weekest part. Strengthen this area and you will be dangerous.

Beautiful design, thank you for sharing it. I am into your furniture.

Great portfolio.

I thought the sketches are just fine. Not everything has to be polished. I’m sure you do well in fashion/houseware industry.

Like others, I’m confused about the kitchen, cooking ball thingy. Not that you need to have wordy explanation in your portfolio, but I’m still curious what the device is.

I think some of the confusion about the cooking balls (and a couple of other projects) is due to the interface. It took several minutes before I realized that most of the projects had several pages, which are selected by clicking the numbers in the right hand column – it’s not an obvious thing to do. I might suggest having a larger, more obvious way of going to the next page within each project, perhaps closer to the image itself.

The other suggestion (if you are in fact looking for employment outside of France) is to have a native English-speaker take a look at the descriptions. They’re a little clumsy – not terrible, but enough that they distract from the concepts a little.

Other than that, I agree heartily with the other reviews: it’s a positively beautiful site, and a pleasure to view. Best of luck.

Thanks for all your comments. I work on a new version to correct all the mistakes and make it more professionnal …

I will keep you informed as soon as it has been done,