French Design Schools - Anybody done it?

I would like to go back to school for a masters degree in ID, in France, and
I would really like to hear about anyone’s experience in the schools there;
ideally from both other Americans and Europeans.

I’ve been out in the field for about 5 years doing electronic design, have
been pretty successful, but I feel a little pidgeonholed and would like to
have a try at other products in a creative environment. I’ve also heard that
French schools have more of a philisophical design education, which
interests me too.

why France? Im American but because of some family ties I hold French
citizenship too… I want improve my french and know the culture better
and this seems like a great way to do it. It also seems like a good way to
gain proffessional connections in Europe.

French Schools I have researched soo far:

  • Strate College
  • Les Ateliers / ENSCI

Two others I have seen:

  • UTC - Universite de Technologie de Compiegne
  • Créapôle – Ecole de Creation Manqagement

So have you guys heard anything about these schools?
Is it hard to get in and function as a foreigner?
Do they have connections with the industry in Europe?

Thanks alot guys!