french curves & ellipse templates, which to buy?

are there any particular brands i should buy?
or is one set of french curves the same as another?
and what types should i get?
im a product design student

Everyone has their own style, but I prefer ship curves or flexible ship curves. Do a google search for them. You can get a 6 piece sample set of the original 56 piece here:

or flexible ones here:

The flexible ship curves keep a nice arc to them rather than the regular flexible ruler.

I picked up a used 56 piece set on Ebay for about $100. I only use about 4 of them.

I’ve used a set of ellipse guides for a long time. Once you get used to using them, it’s very easy to drop them into a sketch.

From an automotive design background, I’ve found them essential for tightening up 3/4 sketches of vehicles, in a range of perspectives.

If you have a decent set of guides, you quickly get used to what you need and how to use a template about 20º flatter on a back wheel on a car drawing. With larger templates you can use them a little like French curves but I tend to keep these freehand or maybe use a flexicurve.

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