Freelancing to Hong Kong when in London

Hi, I’ve been approached to do some freelance work for a company based in HK. They want me to develop an new product for them fully detailed in a month. Any tips on how to approach/manage freelancing for a company on the other side of the planet? I currently work full time so it would be a evening/weekend sort of thing…‘moonlighting’ as they say.

I’ve been doing this for the last five years. Not that hard.

The key to success is having someone in HK that can communicate well. I guess that’s true with any project either domestic or international. If you’re getting garbage in your going to deliver garbage out.

With e-mail, Skype, etc. working for someone in HK is very easy.

Good luck with the project.

I was thinking of asking for some money up front just to make sure they are committed to the work…say 25%. Is this reasonable thing to do?

You can ask.

Unless you have some up-front expenses they will probably perceive this as distrust.

Negotiating is an art form in the Orient. Prepare for the battle with a little Sun Tzu or “36 Strategies”.

i wouldnt expect anything less. even 50% up front as a deposit is normal for freelance work, and is more a gesture of good faith than anything else. its its percieved as mistrust by your client, you client is probably worth mistrusting.

doing business remotely is pretty common now with all the skype, email, etc. tools available. at least half my clients i’ve never met in person.


cool I’ll give it a punt, thanks for the advice. The thing is I could really do with a bit more uptodate in my portfolio as I think my uni projects take the shine off my work stuff…so I’m keen to put them to the side.

Does anyone know of any contract templates for freelance stuff?

I do have a contract but is in Portuguese and an NDA in english that could be changed. I’ll translate it and send it to you soon.

Despite that having an updated portfolio is a VERY nice thing, I don’t understand why you need to do it right now… they already got in touch with you to give you the job, right?

Do you already know how they are going to pay. Try know if there is any tax involved (check for tax treaties between the UK and HK). If there are no taxes find the cheapest way to get the money. (paypal?)



Ta cuototo.

In the end the job fell through or well they expected for it to be all done for a very low price…which wouldn’t be worth it for me…the exchange rate doesn’t help either. I passed it on to a designer I know over in HK who would get more out of the money if he went ahead with it.