Freelancing internationally?

Was hoping that someone could shine some light on the subject of freelancing internationally. Does anyone have any experience in this?
My BIG questions are, can it be done? How does that work with regards to being paid, work permits, etc etc.
Can some one help me out?


In 3 words, yes, it’s possible.

I presently have a project with an international company. I wrote the contract and asked them to wire me the entire payment up front, which they did. I know my main contact from other (domestic) projects, so I was not too concerned about getting paid, but it just made life easier.

Keep in mind that any disputes are going to be very hard to solve because of international jurisdiction limitations, so try and keep the communication as perfectly clear as possible.

I’m sure there is much more to discuss on the subject, but the short answer is defintely yes.

Yes I do it - Most of them contact me through my website. I ask for payment upfront.

Most of them I have never met.