freelancing - getting started

I work for a small firm with big clients and we subcontract development work (i.e. producing 3D models (CAD) and manufacturing drawings) out to a couple of companies who i think charge extortionant (spelled wrong…who cares) rates for what they supply.

I would like to do the same but i also want to stay working full time where im at. Is this possible? and if so, how should i go about it without pissing anybody off

If you’re talking about doing freelance work while being employed at a firm, there are a few things to consider

Are you under an type of agreement with your current employer (and employer to your clients) that would prevent you from doing related freelance work. For example, if one of your clients at your firm is nike, you may run into trouble doing freelance work for adidas.

If your freelance client happens to become your firm’s client, it could be akward.

You may be able to establish yourself as a “company” and operate under the radar doing digital modelling. I know people who’ve done that.

Thanks Benny,

Maybe i could operate under the radar but i don think that would work for two reasons.

  1. i’ll need to network and let people know what im about. Word gets around in my industry.

  2. i’ll need to be contactable and i cant run out of the office each time i get a call.

If anyone has any experience with this type of situation id love to hear it.



You’ll get in trouble trying to work like that. Don’t do similar work for a potential competitor. Don’t take on work by yourself that your f/t employer would’ve taken on if given the opp. If you’re going to take on outside work, let your employer know what type and that it won’t in any way jeapordize any confidences. People may not sweat it too much if you’re just doing easy monkey work (photoshop stuff, coloring, model-making) as long as it doesn’t affect your f/t work. Also make sure there’s no potential for leaking ideas (no ideas to leak if it’s just a monkey side-job).
Most places have you sign a non-compete, don’t mess with it, lots of places are really paranoid about that stuff. Best to be upfront with what you’re doiing so it doesn’t seem in any way like you’re being sneaky. Just the thought that that might be happening could jeapordize your f/t.

you’ll also not want to be doing work after hours at your regular job. minute you put a file on your work PC that’s for a freelance client, you’re walking a thin line.

Forgot about that one, thanks ykh. Don’t even dream of using your f/t resources at all, no email correspondance, model shop, etc. I wouldn’t even take phone calls during their time, let them leave a message, get to them on your personal lunch break. If you plan on doing this type of work, you have to have your own personal studio or resources at a home studio.