Freelance wages?

I am currently working as a corporate contract industrial designer and have been offered a freelance job on top of this with a seperate company. It is a project to project job that I would be working on at nights and on weekends. It is my first freelance job and am wondering what kind of wage I should be quoting. The only professional work experience I have is from June until now.

Any advice would be very much appreciated

charge base on your experience…2 years…about $15/hr to $17/hr
3yr…$17 to $22

Well considering that you wouldn’t get any of the benefits a salary employee probably gets and that after the project is complete, they have no obligation to keep giving you work, I’d say you could ask for more. $35/hr?? Depending on what place it is, I’ve heard some people go as high as $50/hr
Any other thoughts?? My experience with this is very little.

Keep in mind that it’s tough to work 40 hrs a week and then come home where the client wants something tomorrow, it can get tough if you’re working every day and night - so I say make it worth your while - 30 to 40 an hour, if not more - and round up when you figure your hours - I did a full freelance design once and it only came to 500 bucks - should have been more like 7 - 800 hondo. If I do freelance again I would bill at 40 an hour with 3 years experience - obviously if you are fresh out of school that would be less.

It depends on what you’re doing.

I do photorealistic renderings at a cost of anywhere between $25 - $50 per hour. Simple things, or things for people that I have an ongoing relationship with are generally cheaper. Last minute, oh christ I forgot projects are more expensive.

Web design and Flash generally runs on the high side in the $50 per hour range. I know some graphic designers that charge even more than that.

If you can produce great work and get the job done, then people will be willing to pay. Never undercut yourself because you are doing yourself a huge disservice. Make the price reasonable, and the product good, and people will pay.

Check for freelance opportunities and you can see what people are asking for.

It seems like money11’s quotes are way low. Considering you don’t receive insurance or any benefits for that matter and you have to buy all your own supplies, etc…

Conceptualization and design…$50 to $75 an hour.
3D work can run from…$50 to $100 an hour.
Engineering specs…$75 to $100 an hour.

You shouldn’t charge less than $50 and hour period. That other guy must be a Graphic Designer!!!

money11 must not be “MONEY” charging that little for work! Should be called…broke11

Thanks for all the good advice everyone, I think I have now gadged what I will qoute based on your responses and am super excited to get my design fix. Thanks again for keeping the community alive…

Love peace and afro grease.

I’ve got a couple of questions that don’t directly relate to salary. You mention that you are currently a coporate contract empolyee. I am alittle unsure of what exactly you mean by this. Are you a full time salaried employee, with benefits? Do you have a set number of hours, or a set schedule as a contract empoyee? Do you have a none-compete agreement with the group that you are contracted with? Will this new freelance venture put your contract relationship in jeopardy? Why is one situation considered a contract relationship and the other freelance?

working nights and with under 2 months experience at 50 an hour is a lot to ask. if you had a year’s worth I’d consider it. start at 25-30.

The difference between corporate contract and freelance is that with contract you generally agree to work a certain period of time, at a certain wage, at the offices of the company.

Hallmark in KC does this all the time. They have a big season so they bring in a load of people and then when the project is over they leave.

Freelance is generally smaller piecework where you work at home and contribute to part of a larger project. There is no guarantee of time and you work only as long as it takes you to do the project.

Contract work also tends to be handled through an agent or placement center. Freelance is just you hitting the streets and trying to find something.

I would agree, at two months you don’t have the experience and portfolio to back up $50 an hour or more. I charge that but I’ve been doing this for over three years and I freelance on top of a fulltime professional design job. When people know you crank this stuff out five days a week or more they are willing to pay for what they know will be top quality work.

I would start in the 20 dollar range and work your way up. Sometimes people will call you and offer more because they are in a rush or saw some of your previous work. Then you can move it up a notch.

Advice from someone who reffers to Hallmark…please… Hallmark is where designers go to die!!!

If you can get $50 an hour… ask for it. It’s a good place to start and if they need to counter offer than you can go down from there. Not all freelance work is set in stone so start high. If you go out there and ask for 20 bucks an hour you’re making the rest of us look cheap. 2 months 2 days 2 hours… regardless of your experience you should ask for $50hr.
If your work sucks… you won’t get work from them again that’s all… if you’re good than they just saved a shit load of money for not paying some big ass design firm to do the same work for 6 figures…

Does it depend on where in the country you are working? I would guess that you could charge more in a place where freelance is more needed, right?