Freelance Virgin

Hi there,

As the subject states I am new to the world of freelance. I graduated this year in Product Design and have an internship starting next month. However recently I have been offering my services working freelance and I am now starting to recieve projects to do. They are Graphic based projects but I do not want to get messed about with the legal stuff.

One of my clients has asked me to produce a brochure for his new company. I put together a few ideas of which he liked and now we are at the stage of taking it further. I understand Image licensing to a certain degree but when i explained the copyright issues to my client he simply discarded them.

If i was to purchase some stock images for this job would he be able to get the brochure printed and re-produce it? Or if my client continues to insist on not using images paid for how can i cover my own back? Should i just not do the job?

Thank you

Use fotolia and make sure you pay for the level you are looking for.

you could use your own pictures or hire a photographer, or pay for them (make sure you read how you can use/reproduce them as mentioned above)