Freelance Rendering

Hello All,

What would you suggest for freelance rendering deliverable rates? How does this work if clients want strictly renderings and animations.

Help Please!

It’s hard to say because each person has a different skill level. If you are really good at rendering then think ofhow long it might take you and try to work out an hourly rate that gets you a decent daily rate. There are a few good articles on freelancing out there. Here’s one written by a graphic designer

Personally I would probably take a day to do a good rendering because I haven’t had to do it since leaving Uni.

Rates actually depends on the type of work. Some contractors want to pay on an hourly basis while others want to pay on a project basis. You can both negotiate on that anyway. If you are being asked of rates, I think you should rate it on how much time an effort you are going to need for that particular job. You can read reviews about such topics in this blog: The 6 Best Online Outsourcing Websites of 2022 (and How to Use Them)

Tough one. I have been doing this for a while and I still struggle with rates. Funnily overcharging has always resulted in client coming back for more.
There are so many variables that my head explodes sometimes.