Freelance rate for seasoned i.d.

I have been freelancing for 4 years and know that I am not charging enough. What is the range of freelance rates for a seasoned designer? (14 years of experience) I specialize in toys, fashion, sporting goods, and pretty much anything I can get my grubby hands on. Does anyone know what Target corporation pays out to consultants?

If I had your years of experience I would be charging no less than $100 per hour.

What do you charge now?

Obviously not enough! Thanks for the input.

I charged $25 per hour first 3 years out of school. Then I raised it to $50 from 3-5 years. Then $75…the more portfolio and professional experience the more I raised the bar. I think $100 per hour is fair for 8-10+ years of real world experience.
Think about it…if they make 100,000 units of your design and divide your design fee by that the design cost to the client is literally close to nothing.

I have talked to another person with even more experience than me, and $100 is reasonable, but unfortunately, it can lose clients. (We are midwest based, but work with clients all over the world. When the coasts were in a slump, we still had work.) It seems like it is a balance between keeping the clients happy and making it worth one’s time. Alot of seasoned I.D.s I know are coming in right around what you are charging now. So, you are doing great! It is one of those funny things-I remember coming out of school and making great money. After 4 years with pitiful raises, kids were coming out making more than me! The trick is to keep ahead of the market without pricing yourself out of the market.

That’s a bit low. Where are you located. If you pay all your own taxes and benefits that really amounts to $12.50 an hour.

Oh no. I was referring to your $75 per hour, not the $25 per hour. $25 is ramen noodle money.

Well, i have 10 years of experience, 8 in company and 2 freelancing,
i don’t charge per hour, because i never know how long it’s going to take
to reach a desired level of quality, so i charge per project,
we’re talking foowear design , mostly big brands… for a regular project 3,000 - 4,500 euros for a special project which involves advance research it might go up to 20,000 euros.
most of the time you must feel how much power is on your side and how much on the clients side, who’s hungrier?

You know, I am mostly a toy designer, and they do not make the money other I.D.s make. I know alias jocks, rhino, etc charge out at least $150 per hour. In Europe, is it common to charge on a project basis? My partner and I work with a London based company, and we do hourly with them. Very curious what the various areas of design charge.

I was paid quite well when I was in the Toy Industry.

Ultimately, doesn it all depends on how good of a designer you are?

I say $100 is standard minimum…most are $100-$150 with some expereince and CAD skills. I am in the San Francisco, California Bay Area.

I am a furniture designer in NYC charging $40/hr with two years experience out of school. If I charged any more I would not have work. Hope I can ramp up the way you guys have…

Not really. Sometimes you find yourself competing in a market with alot of other designers that also kick ass. In that case you have to be carefull not to over-charge or you’ll get passed over no matter how great you are.

I have a couple of IDEA and ID Magazine Awards under my belt and use that as leverage to get paid $100+ per hour and I have about 12 years experience. I used to charge $25 when I first started freelancing out of college and gradually ramped up as I gained more experience and skill sets.

I am student and I get 15-20 USD in hour.

In future I would be get more, posible 50 USD in hour.